iPhone Casinos Roulette Guide

Roulette has come a long way from 17th century when it was invented. Today you can play this game at mobile casinos thanks to the advancement of technology. It is not very surprising when we all know that you cannot imagine a proper casino without a Roulette wheel and iPhone casinos are real gaming venues which provide you with a genuine casino experience. The game was originally invented in France and its name literally means a little wheel. Its mobile version has kept all its features including the wheel which you can spin now wherever you are with a touch of your finger.

The purpose of this guide is to help you learn the ropes before you start wagering money on any of Roulette variants. Stay with us to find out which variants you can play at iPhone casinos South Africa and what's more important, how to place your bets and make the right moves while playing Roulette on the go.


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How to Play iPhone Roulette - Basic Rules

Playing Roulette on your iPhone does not differ from playing it on your computer. You place a bet on a number or a group of numbers and the wheel spins until the ball falls into one of 37 or 38 sockets on the wheel. Choose chips of a preferred value and select numbers to place them on. To spin the wheel, just touch the spin icon and it will spin until the ball stops on a winning number.

A house edge on Roulette games may vary between 2.7% and 5.2%. Payouts depend on the type of bets that you place. The types of bets will be explained in the next chapter. However, on straight bets, you win 35-1 payout. When placing bets on more numbers you will have higher odds of winning, but your payouts will be lower. Winnings obtained while placing split bets are 17-1, while with street bets you win 11-1. Outside bets yield the lowest payouts, 1-1 or 2-1. Roulette tables available at iPhone mobile casinos South Africa accept all kinds of players as their betting range is quite wide.

Strategy and Tips

When playing Roulette you can choose from a variety of bets you can place. The can be inside or outside bets which depends on the numbers you place your chips on. When you place your chips on a single number, such a bet is called single or straight. Otherwise, you will place split, street, corner or square bets. When it comes to outside bets, they can be placed on the first, the middle or on the last twelve numbers which is called dozen. Bets on even or odd numbers, on the first or last 18 numbers also called High Low bets or on red or black numbers are also types of outside bets.

There are a number of systems and strategies you can use while playing Roulette. The thing is that no matter how skilled you may be, Roulette is still a game of chance and your strategy might not work for you. What you should do in order not to lose large sums of money is to play in practice mode before start risking you own cash. You should set your bankroll and set loss limits. Try to place outside bets and for better odds of winning choose European Roulette variant.

iPhone Roulette Variants

At South African iPhone casinos you will be typically offered to play European Roulette variant which is a great thing as it features only one zero number which is also known as "the house takes" number. You will easily spot this chamber on the wheel as it is coloured in green. Some casinos offer American Roulette, which features two zero chambers which means that the casino has higher odds of collecting all the bets placed on the game.

Software providers which supply South African Casinos with iPhone Roulette games are Realtime Gaming (RTG), NetEnt, Playtech and Rival. Besides European and American Roulette, at iPhone casinos South Africa you can also come across the titles like Royal Roulette, Roulette Titanium or Swipe Roulette.